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    Band Director:
    Christopher A. Barbaro

    Band Director:
    Christy M. Perry

    Booster President:
    Kevin Breen

    Booster Vice-P:
    Nancy Strauser

    Booster Treasurer:
    Debbie Sadowski

    Booster Secretary:
    Kathy Pasterak

    Booster Secretary:
    Nancy Stafford

    Amherst Steele H.S.
    450 Washington Ave.
    Amherst, Ohio 44001

    A note for all parents wanting to Chaperone for the Amherst Program

    There is a new online application process for Chaperoning for the Amherst Schools.  We will require all 2015 chaperones to fill out an application online even if you have had one from the past.  Having it done online will make it accessible to all administration, will be easier to track expiration dates, and will eliminate the need for hand to hand passing along with photocopying extras.    At this time, you WILL NOT need a background check unless it is an overnight stay.    This is for all chaperones traveling on the buses for games and competitions.  You can find the page by clicking on the link below.  If you are a full time volunteer coach of the band, you may also click below to find your online application

    You may find the application here.


    Downloads and Facebook -
    We are posting a lot of information on our facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/amherstmarchingcomets  We have also posted many drill charts and other important documents in the band camp PDF page.  Always check both areas for needed information. 
    Drill Charts and Coordinates -
    All the drill charts for the 2015 Competition show have been posted to the PDF Band Camp Page.  All students will be required to have their own personal coordinate sheet on the field at all times.  You will be given one or two copies of this during band camp.  However, you may also download the Coordinate PDF file and duplicate yours multiple times so you may always have one handy.  We also posted the actual pictures for those of you who like to "see" what we are marching.  However, we do not want those on the field as they deter you from learning your dots because you are only looking at the forms.  We will once again be using The Drill Book Next App for those of you who like to keep your sets electronically.  More TBA later. 
    Student Account Balances -

    Click here for student account balances as of July 19, 2015.

    Fall Marching Band Schedule -
    The Fall Marching Band schedule has been posted to the site.  You can click on the tab in the header above.  You may also download a copy with costs and due dates by clicking here

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