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    Band Director:
    Christopher A. Barbaro

    Booster President:
    Kevin Breen

    Booster Vice-P:
    Nancy Strauser

    Booster Treasurer:
    Debbie Sadowski

    Booster Secretary:
    Kathy Pasterak

    Booster Secretary:
    Nancy Stafford

    Amherst Steele H.S.
    450 Washington Ave.
    Amherst, Ohio 44001


    Band Camp Memo -
    The Band Camp Memo that will be passed out and discussed at the Wednesday evening practice can be downloaded here.  It is, as always, the last tips and expectations going into camp.  Please read through the memo and let Mr. Barbaro know if you have any questions.   You can download it by clicking on the quick link to the right! Drumline and Majorettes should either download the memo or pick one up on the band room counter at their next rehearsal. 
    Part Assignments -
    Here is the roster which tells what part you should download.  It took us 4 hours to place everybody.  There are strong members in every section!  We do this so all parts will be strong.  If you are an upperclassmen and on a lower part, it is because I want you to lead the younger grades and help them develop and learn their music.  For trumpets, most music is part 1-2-3 but some is only first and second parts.  If there is a single digit next to your name....for example a I or a II, that is all you need to worry about.  If you have double digits like I-II or a II-III, it means that when there are two parts written in the music, you use the first number.  If there are three parts written in the music, you use the second number.  So again, the first number is if there are 2 parts and the second number is if there are three parts.  Parts may change at a later date.

    Click here for a list of 2014 members and parts to be played. 
    Guard and Majorette Summer Practice Schedule -
    From Mike and Brianna.  These are "Before Band Camp" practices.  See Mike or Brianna if there is a conflict with a rehearsal.  Don't panic if something is already scheduled during these times.  JUST COMMUNICATE!

                 July 16th from 4-9 & July 23rd 6-9
    Florida Page -
    The Florida Page has been updated.  You can look at pay dates, total costs, proposed itinerary, and read up on all the venues we will be visiting along the way.
    Student Account Balances (updated 5/3/2014) -
    Please click here for the latest student account balances.   Please contact the Booster treasurer with any questions regarding the student account balances.

    TOP 10 Reasons You Know Band Camp Is To Begin.

    10)  You realize that you have not done any of your summer homework.
    9)  You see other band members “shopping” for band camp attire at Kohls.
    8)  You see the first “Back To School” Commercial on your TV.
    7)  You look at a calendar and realize there are less days ahead than behind.
    6)  You get a call from Sandstone Summer Theater asking to borrow band equipment.
    5)  You get emails from administrators about major changes for the fall.
    4)  You see city trucks painting the lines on the road and in school parking lots
    3)  You feel the temperature go from a cool 70 in June into the 90’s we have now!
    2)  You get a call from the drill writer and you think it is to tell you that he is ready to deliver when in reality he has not even started!
    and the #1 reason you know band camp is about to begin...

    1)  Emails and phone calls start pouring in about how students can’t make it to rehearsals because they have other plans even though they have had the schedule since February and were told to let us know BEFORE June 1st of any conflicts.  AND/OR have changed their minds and maybe now don't want to participate.

    All joking aside, this is a real concern every year and as in years past, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are a performance based activity that requires equal participation from each of our members.  We understand that conflicts occur.  What we want you to do is to be responsible and put in the time that is expected of you.  

    Five years ago, we instituted the “make-up” program.   Because of this program, we saw a MAJOR decrease in missed rehearsals.  Since we are a performance participation activity and/or class, we assign points to every aspect of the class.  This way, by the end of the season, students have partly “earned” their grade through the amount of work they have put into it.  Rehearsal blocks are worth 5 points; games worth 10 points; and competitions worth 20 points.  If for any reason you miss (outside of some things that were discussed before June 1st) you must do your best to make up what you have missed to earn back the points that would have been received if you were present at the rehearsal.

    The question that I always ask...Should a student who only participated in 80% get the same grade as someone who participated in 95%?  When put to these numbers, it is easier to understand.  The “Make-up” program is simple.  If for any reason you miss a rehearsal, all you need to do is come up with a way to make up what you missed.  

    For example, if you have a conflict on Wednesday evening during the Music Clinic and have to miss, all you need to do is come early to the other clinics and practice.  You may also come in during drum camp to put in some extra time as well.  And lastly, during the season if you miss an after school rehearsal, you must make up that missed rehearsal after school on Friday in order to march in that evening's performance.

    It all sounds demanding, confusing, and difficult to deal with.  However, it is really simple.  Do some searches on the web of other bands and what their policies are.  You will find that we are in the middle of the road as far as expectations.  There are some out there that are not as strict as we are.  On the flip side, there are some where students challenge for a spot on the field for the game each and every Friday evening.

    Remember the ultimate goal is to be the best that we can be.  And to do that, we have to make some sacrifices for the good of the group.  Bands that are not good tend not to have too much fun.  Bands who perform well HAVE FUN!  What do you want to accomplish?  What kind of band do you want to have?

    Orientation Slide Show

       Click here for a PDF version of the Slide Show.


    Band Room Phone


    Schedule at a Glance

    A note for all parents wanting to Chaperone for the Amherst Program

    At this time, we need to have all Chaperones that are traveling with the band to have a Volunteer Application on file with the Band Office.  At this time, you WILL NOT need a background check unless it is an overnight stay.  However, please do fill out the section where it says the school can look into your background and that all info you have put down is accurate.  This is for all chaperones traveling on the buses for games and competitions.  You can download the form on our site, fill it out, and bring it with you on your first assignment.  You will also need to photocopy your ID and attach it.  (You may do that in the band room copier) 

    You may download the form here.