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    Band Director:
    Christopher A. Barbaro

    Booster President:
    Bethany Matos

    Booster Vice-P:
    Paula Heise

    Booster Treasurer:
    Valerie Houghtland

    Booster Secretary:
    Amy Rakar

    Booster Secretary:
    Nancy Strauser

    Amherst Steele H.S.
    450 Washington Ave.
    Amherst, Ohio 44001

    Concert Band Auditions

    The results of the 2016 Concert Band auditions should be posted by the end of the weekend.  As we discussed in band, we will not discuss any results as we are a "band program" and every person plays an important role in both ensembles to ensure success and growth.  Many decisions go into what band our students are assigned and where they will sit within that ensemble.  We also understand that the system to test everyone has flaws and will, as usual, allow students to challenge others who sit in front of them for a higher position.  We have even been known the last several years to make some changes between the bands.  Another note to remember that it is more important to be a leader, at times, in Symphonic Band rather than to play a lower part beneath your ability in Wind Ensemble.    Thank you for your understanding.  If you would like to discuss your personal audition and what you can do to record it better next time, Mr. Barbaro will be more than happy to share that with you once things get situated.  Thanks

    OMEA State Marching Band Finals

    Information regarding State Marching Band Finals on October 29th can be found by clicking here.

    You can visit the official OMEA site here as well.

    Looking ahead to the rest of the Season

    New Philadelphia Competition.  October 22nd Performance at 8:45PM
    State Marching Band Finals
    .  October 29th Performance at 6:30PM
    Halloween Parade.
      October 30th Performance at 3PM
    Recording Session. 
    November 1st Record at 3PM
    Concert Band Audition
    Music posted to Google Classroom.
    Recordings are due by October 19th
    .  Points deducted for late entries.

    October Disney Deposit

    The Next Disney Deposit of $150 is due on October 15th.  Each time you make a payment, the band pays vendors for the trip.  The full cost of the trip therefor will be paid 30 days in advance of Departure as no Money exchanges hands with vendors once we leave for the trip.  Please plan ahead and get your deposits in on time.  Thank you.


    Student Account Balances -
    Click here for student account balances as of August 21, 2016. 

    A note for all parents wanting to Chaperone for the Amherst Program

    There is a new online application process for Chaperoning for the Amherst Schools.  We will require all 2015 chaperones to fill out an application online even if you have had one from the past.  Having it done online will make it accessible to all administration, will be easier to track expiration dates, and will eliminate the need for hand to hand passing along with photocopying extras.    At this time, you WILL NOT need a background check unless it is an overnight stay.    This is for all chaperones traveling on the buses for games and competitions.  You can find the page by clicking on the link below.  If you are a full time volunteer coach of the band, you may also click below to find your online application

    You may find the application here.

    Next Performance

    Friday Night Football
    Home - Lakewood
    Senior Night
    Senior report @ 5:15PM
    Senior Pictures @ 5:30PM

    All Others
    Report: 5:30PM
    Depart:  6:15PM

    Saturday Competition

    State Finals
    Report:  12:30PM
    Depart:  1:00PM

    Sunday Parade
    Report:  3:00PM
    Parade:  4:00PM


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